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DOHMH Bureau of HIV Prevention and Control

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DOHMH - Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control
The goal of the NYC DOHMH Bureau of HIV/AIDS is to control the HIV epidemic and minimize its impact on New Yorkers by preventing new HIV infections. Additionally, the department:

Promotes HIV Testing

  • DOHMH Public Health Laboratory conducts more than tens of thousands of HIV tests each year. Eleven STD clinics and counseling and testing sites run by DOHMH offer free confidential and anonymous HIV testing.

Monitors trends in the HIV epidemic through surveillance for HIV/AIDS

  • Surveillance for HIV/AIDS cases is conducted in hospitals, free standing clinics and private medical doctors’ offices.
  • Surveillance data are used to secure federal and state funding for HIV prevention ($>20 million) annually and federal HIV/AIDS Ryan White treatment ($>100 million annually).
  • Special surveillance studies are conducted to better understand and control the epidemic in high-risk populations.

Allocates prevention resources within the DOHMH and the community to those populations at greatest need

  • In conjunction with the HIV Prevention Planning Group, New York City's $33 million in prevention dollars are allocated based on the distribution of HIV/AIDS cases. Prevention services are directed to high-risk populations such as sex workers, injection drug users, and prisoners. Services include street outreach, individual- or group-level risk reduction, prevention case management, and capacity building in communities to deliver and evaluate services
  • Nearly $17 million prevention dollars are allocated to contracts with over 60 community-based organizations that provided almost 500,000 service encounters in 2002.
  • DOHMH devotes an additional $16 million in prevention funds to directly operated programs including the Office of Correction AIDS Prevention (OCAP) on Riker's Island, Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative, and Health Media and Marketing which produced media campaigns like the "BYOC (Bring your own condom)” campaign.
  • Contracts with CBOs are monitored through monthly reports to ensure that they reach target populations in agreed upon service areas.
  • Thousands of individuals from City and community-based agencies are trained annually by the Bureau to provide counseling, testing and related services to people affected by HIV/AIDS.

Promotes access to medical care, treatment, and support of HIV infected persons

  • In conjunction with the Planning Council, more than $100 million in Ryan White funds were distributed to provide health and support services for New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS who are uninsured and underinsured.
  • Part A Ryan White funds support >150 contracts in 15 program categories and reach tens of thousands of clients. Services provided include medical and mental health care, harm reduction, food and nutrition services, and housing assistance.
  • Ninety percent of Part A care dollars are directed to Black and Hispanic New Yorkers, the groups most affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.