Caring for People Living with HIV

It is the mission of the HIV Health and Human Services Planning Council of New York to ensure that people living with HIV have access to and maintain appropriate, quality services across the continuum of care, resulting in the best possible health and quality of life.

Who We Are

HIV Health & Human Services Planning Council of New York

The Planning Council is a community group that has been appointed by the NYC Mayor, to plan the organization and delivery of HIV services funded by Part A of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act. Each Council member is a caring, dedicated volunteer who has been carefully selected to reflect the diversity of our community. Members represent the general public, people living with HIV, funded service providers, and other health and social service organizations. Planning Council members work together to identify the care needs of people living with HIV. The Council then determines which services are of the highest priority, and how much funding should be committed to each service. Council members also evaluate the cost effectiveness and the quality of the services provided.

Executive Committee

The Planning Council’s Executive Committee serves as the “board of directors” of the Council. Comprised of the Council leadership, including all committee chairs, the EC provides overall leadership and guidance, sets work plans and agendas for the Council, and oversees the work of the other Council committees.

Tri-County Steering Committee

The Tri-County Steering Committee is a committee of the Planning Council. The Steering Committee conducts all planning activities (needs assessment, service directives, priority setting and resource allocation) for the Tri-County region (Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties). The Committee is comprised of consumers, providers and community members from the Tri-County region.

NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

The goal of the NYC DOHMH Bureau of HIV/AIDS is to control the HIV epidemic and minimize its impact on New Yorkers by preventing new HIV infections. Additionally, the department promotes HIV Testing, monitors trends in the HIV epidemic through surveillance for HIV/AIDS, allocates prevention resources within the DOHMH and the community to those populations at greatest need, and promotes access to medical care, treatment, and support of HIV infected persons.

Meet The Council

David Klotz

Governmental Co-Chair

David Martin

Community Co-chair

Paul Carr

Ronnie Fortunato

Steve Hemraj

Marcelo Maia Soares

Saqib Altaf

This Is How We Do It

Identify Needs

Using data, testimony and analyses of the healthcare landscape, the Council identifies emerging needs and service gaps.

Develop Service Models

Based on the assessment of needs and gaps in care, service models incorporate best practices and technological advancements are established.

Set Priorities

The entire portfolio is ranked annually to determine funding allocations that are aligned with need and cost of delivering quality services.

Administrative Assessment

Decide how best to divide Ryan White Part A funding to provide services for people living with HIV.

Apply to Become a Member Today

Annually appointed by the Mayor of the City of New York, our members are a diverse group of people living with HIV/AIDS, service providers, and government representatives working to make a difference in the lives of PLWHA in New York City and the Tri-County Region.