Consumer Resources

Resources for Consumer Participation on Planning Bodies

Ryan White Planning Council Primer

Ryan White Planning Council Primer

Ryan White Planning Council Member Training Guide

Webinar: Elevating Consumer Voices on Planning Bodies

Engaging Ryan White Consumers on Planning Bodies

Consumer CAB Resources

One of the most important ways that HIV service organizations get input from consumers is through a Client/Consumer/Patient Advisory Board (CAB).  The main purpose of a CAB is to provide consumers’ perspectives to the provider concerning programs, policies, direct services, and quality improvement.  The CAB represents the community in making sure programs are carried out in a way that best meets consumers’ needs.  Most importantly, the CAB is the means by which providers, consumers, and the community communicate with each other.  Below are a variety of resources that consumers can use to help create a CAB, enhance participation on a CAB, improve a CAB’s functioning, and generally improve communication among CAB members, and between providers and the people whom they serve.

Consumer Advisory Board Manual: Getting it Right

Community Advisory Board Getting Started

Other Consumer Resources

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