Ryan White Part A Services

With more than 100,000 PLWH, the New York Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA), remains the epicenter of the HIV epidemic in the United States (U.S.). While recent advances in HIV medical care have been significant and life-extending treatment regimens are available to many, basic needs are still not being met for many PLWH in the EMA. Without meeting these needs, the full potential of benefits offered by medical care and treatment programs may not be realized. Below is a list of services funded by Ryan White Part A.

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Important Council-related Documents

Framing Directive

The Planning Council approved an overarching service directive with guidance that applies to all Ryan White Part A funded service categories. The master directive describes goals and objectives, and minimum requirements for program design, service models, and client/agency eligibility that every service category must meet.

Services for Aging People with HIV

Services for Aging PWH

Services (starting 2023) to increase capacity of Outpatient Medical Care providers to treat the complex needs of Aging People with HIV through health education, geriatric, psychiatric and cardiology consultation, and referrals to specialty care. Services will improve self-advocacy and -management and provide referrals for healthcare and supportive services. Ryan White Part A providers will be trained to support treatment and prevention of comorbidities common to aging PWH.

Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention Services provide outreach and HIV testing to people who are unaware of their status, and linkage to HIV primary care for individuals who test positive and those who are known to be HIV+ but not in care.

Emergency Financial Assistance Program

This program provides short-term financial assistance for essential services including utilities, housing, food, or medications.

Food & Nutrition Services

The Food and Nutrition services program addresses the food and nutrition-related needs of PLWHA in NYC by funding a variety of food and nutrition services that facilitate access to adequate and appropriate nutrition.

Behavioral Health Services

The program provides mental health, substance use/harm reduction and supportive counseling/psychosocial support services to assist with a variety of behavioral health needs.

Housing Program

Homelessness is a major factor in the health outcomes of people living with HIV. A person is 3 to 9 times more likely to have HIV than people who are stably housed. Housing services include short-term emergency housing, rental assistance, and housing placement assistance.

Legal Services

Legal services are available to help PLWH with benefits and other legal matters such as wills and medical directives. They help with housing discrimination and other legal concerns related to their HIV status.

Medical Case Management/Care Coordination

Care Coordination ensures that PLWH are assisted with linkage to and maintenance in primary medical care, facilitates adherence to scheduled appointments and provides individualized health promotion and adherence support.

Medical Transportation

The Medical Transportation services serves to increase accessibility to medical and support services for PLWHA across the Tri-County region and ensure that PLWHA receive timely services that support maintenance in care and ART adherence to promote positive health outcomes.

Mental Health Services

PLWH with mental illness experience poorer HIV health outcomes due to trauma and difficulties following their treatment plans. Mental health services help PLWH overcome barriers to mental health care, and can help clients stay connected to care and supportive services.

Non-Medical Case Management for the Incarcerated

Non-Medical Case Management for Incarcerated and Recently Released PLWH

This service provides support to soon-to-be released/recently incarcerated inmates living with HIV to engage in HIV medical and support services

Substance Abuse Services/Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction Services link PLWH with substance use issues to HIV primary care and support engagement in care, link people to substance use services based on need and readiness for engagement, and help people reduce HIV risk behaviors and reduce substance abuse behaviors.

Supportive Counseling Service

Supportive counseling provides individual, group, and family counseling, as well as caregiver support, pastoral care, bereavement counseling and allows counselors to help individuals with a variety of different HIV care needs.

A transmasculine person sitting in a park and smiling

TIGNBNC Psycho-social Support Service

The TGINBNC Service Directive is the first of its kind, both for NYC and the rest of the country. Developed with representative community members, this pilot program will support improved health outcomes among people of trans experience.

Oral Health - Tri-County

The oral health service of the Tri-County is charged with early detection and treatment of dental decay and periodontal disease, opportunistic infections, and other health-related complications; and the restoration and maintenance of proper oral structure.

Oral Health - NYC

Oral Health services in NYC promote optimal health and quality of life resulting from the prevention, early detection and treatment of dental decay and periodontal disease.

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