Health Education & Risk Reduction

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About Health Education/Risk Reduction Services

It is important for people living with HIV (PLWH) to about their illness. The Positive Life Workshop (TPLW) is a 20-hour health education program for PWLH, led by PLWH. With accurate information, resources, and support, PLWH can be more empowered, informed, and prepared to manage their health.

Health Education/Risk Reduction services are funded through the Ryan White Part A Health Education/Risk Reduction service category.

This program provides education to PLWH about HIV transmission and how to reduce the risk of transmission. It also includes sharing information about medical and social services with clients to improve their health. Topics can include:

  • Risk reduction strategies to reduce transmission and prevention treatment
  • Education on health care insurance and coverage
  • Health education
  • Education on how to follow a treatment plan

The goals of the services are to increase knowledge of available medical and social support services and counseling for PLWH, and to provide health education.


Clients seeking Health Education/Risk Reduction services under this program must meet the minimum requirements for Ryan White services. These are:

  • HIV-positive status; and
  • Residency in the NY EMA

Income eligibility is not required.

Service Activities and Standards




Targeted Case Finding

Activities to identify and communicate with clients who
meet eligibility for the program, including outreach to the target

The event must be at least 2 hours in duration and reach
at least 10 people, or result in contact information
from at least 3 people for enrollment in the program.

Intake Assessment (brief)

Brief interview to collect information about the client.

Intake assessment must be conducted in-person before the
first workshop session.

Outcome Evaluation

Evaluation of client�s health knowledge, attitude and
behavior at the beginning, at the end of the workshop, and 3 months after the
workshop cycle.

All outcome evaluation surveys must be completed
in-person. The initial survey must take place at the beginning of session 1.
The post workshop survey is given at the end of session 3 or within 3 weeks
of the end of the workshop cycle. The 3 month follow
up survey is given between 90-120 days after the end of the workshop cycle.

Workshop Sessions

Co-led group health education sessions covering any of 7

HIV Self-Management

HIV and the Immune System

Engagement in Care

Staying Safe from Health Risking Behaviors

Physical Health

Emotional Health

Social Health


Each session last 1.5 hours and is followed by a peer
experience group (PEG). Sessions should be held in a private space at an
agency or community space. PEG is no larger than 7 participants and is held
in separate, private rooms.

Alumni Series

Co-led group event after the completion of the workshop
cycle to discuss new topics relevant to PLWH. Continued social support,
networking and skills-building to workshop graduates.

Event is open only to people who have completed a workshop


Information provided to clients so they can access
services that they need.

Referrals must be completed by an approved staff member.

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