Consumer Committee Minutes February 26, 2024


Minutes of the


Chairs: Charmaine Graham, Marcelo Maia

Consumer-At-Large: David Martin

Tuesday, February 26, 2024, 2:00PM – 3:50PM


Committee Members Present:

Charmaine Graham (Co-chair), Marcelo Maia Soares (Co-chair), Raffi Babakhanian (Consumer-at-Large), Billy Fields, Lawrence Francis, Yves Gebhardt, Ralph Henderson, Juanita Henson, David Klotz, Natasha Martin, John Schoepp, Rob Walker, Steven Wilcox

Staff and Guests Present:

Doienne Saab, Gina Gambone, Francis Silva, Kimbirly Mack, Jacqueline Graham

Agenda Item 1: Welcome & Introductions/Moment of Silence/Minutes

Charmaine and Marcelo opened the meeting, followed by introductions and a moment of silence.  The minutes of the January 22nd meeting were approved with no changes.

Agenda Item 2: Provider CAB Survey           

David and Marcelo provided context for the discussion.  At the previous meeting, the Quality Management program offered to develop a survey of all Ryan White Part A sub-recipients based on the CAB data request submitted by the Consumers Committee.  The survey will help inform the work of the Committee to revise the CAB best practices guidelines and develop a workshop to promote CABs at the annual providers meeting in July.  The Committee reviewed the questions, providing feedback and offering suggestions to refine the questions.

A summary of the discussion follows:

  • There was discussion of whether questions should be focused on RWPA-funded programs or be more broad-ranging about CABs in general. 
  • Questions should be targeted to what is useful for the QM program and CC (i.e., what will inform revision of the best practices guidelines and provider workshop).
  • There was a discussion on finding out about agencies that might have multiple CABs (e.g., RWPA-specific, HIV-specific, etc.).
  • The survey should be prefaced with a definition of CAB and why this information is being collected.
  • Agencies will be asked to categorize themselves by type of agency.
  • The types of CABs that exist (RWPA-specific, HIV-specific, broader CAB that addresses HIV/RWPA) will be included as options to choose.
  • Information is needed about how conflicts/disagreements between CABs and agency staff/management are resolved.
  • The questions about CAB bylaws/rules should cover conflict resolution.
  • There was a discussion about collecting detailed demographic data on CAB members.  There was a feeling that this would be onerous and negatively affect the response rate.  Also, the Committee can address CAB member reflectiveness in the best practices/workshop regardless.  Raffi made a motion to include the questions.  The motion was defeated 8N-2Y.
  • There was a consensus that the most important information was about the challenges that agencies had and why they may have ended/suspended CABs.   This would inform the best practices guidelines. 
  • General questions about non-CAB methods of obtaining client input are not needed for this survey.

Agenda Item 3: Subcommittee on Revising CAB Best Practice Guidelines

Volunteers to work on updating the CAB guidelines and developing a workshop for the July providers meeting are: Rob, Steve, Marcelo and Billy.  Members not in attendance will be asked by email if they want to volunteer. 

Agenda Item 4: New Business/Public Comment

Charmaine suggested reinforcing the rules of respectful engagement and Robert’s Rules of Order periodically at the beginning of meetings.

Rob invited members to join him as a team for the Callen-Lorde Rainbow Walk.

Lawrence thanked the Council for the gift cards and lapel pins.

David will circulate an email asking if any Committee members would like to have their contact information on a list that would available for other members.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.