Consumers Committee Listening Session, June 2, 2020



Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020 1:00PM – 3:00PM

By Zoom Videoconference


Listening Session | ESS

Attendance: Lisa Best (co-chair), Randall Bruce (co-chair), David Martin, David Klotz, Charmaine Graham, Graham Harriman, Micheal Rifkin, Leo Ruiz, Billy Fields, Rob Walker, Paul Carr, Lawrence Francis, John Schoepp

Staff: Kimbirly Mack, Johanna Acosta

Agenda Item #1: Welcome/Introductions/Moment of Silence


Agenda Item #2: Guidance for Consumer Advisory Boards

Mr. Walker is asking the committee to “endorse” or recommend the “Getting Started” CAB Guidance Manual as a compilation of best practices. This recommendation would be about putting in place a responsive consumer advisory board

David Martin emailed the companion guide out the committee (*Note – both documents were attached to the upcoming planning meeting invite for the Consumers Committee)

Ms. Best asked protocol questions – what an endorsement by the committee signifies. Mr. Bruce put forth the question of process- would this have to move through other committees.

Ms. Best wants to know why it needs a vote to be posted to the website.

Mr. Martin recommended the documents – he drew a line at an endorsement as it isn’t a document used by the committee.

Mr. Walker noted that he has and continues to use the document for guidance on running a CAB. Mr. Bruce said that it can be posted as a resource, but because it isn’t our guidance, an endorsement is too strong.

Mr. Fields asked that the committee have the time to read the document thoroughly. Mr. Carr agreed on tabling the question for a month and noted that he has used the document.

Ms. Best implored the committee to read the document. Mr. Martin noted that it is a lot to read – and it may not be necessary to read it in entirety to support or recommend it.

Agenda Item #3: Virtual Town Hall III

Discussion Questions:

  1. What worked well about these town halls? What did not?
  2. How do we hear more consumers voices?
  3. Is there critical info missing from the town hall? Or stakeholders?

Mr. Martin worries that some questions went unanswered. Didn’t hear from the consumers. Even questions that did get asked, had to go back and do own research. Particle size of the virus and face covering’s efficacy at blocking those particles wasn’t discusses thoroughly.

Ms. Lawrence asked committee members to submit questions on behalf of other people in their networks.

Mr. Schoepp – Can people’s medical charts – like MyChart – guide people to the Council or anotherresource on where to get more information. Ms. Lawrence  noted the significant barriers to adding something to a medical chart – but finding new and better ways to promote the site is a great idea.

Mr. Francis suggested a buddy system for new members – helping people stay engaged, explaining all the acronyms, could be very helpful for new people.

Ms. Best noted that a lot of people, especially senior, do not have access to the virtual meetings. Thinking about Tri-County – highlights that we are not hearing people’s voices.

How are we engaging people who can only participate by phone – how can we figure out what is happening when consumers are unable to engage…

Ms. Acosta noted that she tries to be a communication channel between consumers and providers in Tri-County. Ms. Best asked why those providers are never in attendance at consumers committee and Council meetings. Ms. Lawrence suggested a brain storm session with Lisa and Johanna.

Mr. Francis asks that when people make suggestions they are properly followed up on, so that we can get results, even if unconventionally, and truly value people’s contributions.

To better support phone participants – can repeat how to raise hand, mute/unmute, etc. These instructions are on all materials advertising the town hall. But do need to find ways to better engage consumers – such as a poll.

Mr. Martin reminded the committee that open ended questions would be the most engaging, but may not work well in a virtual format.

Jose is still activated for the corona response. 

Mr. Carr asked if we can share the event with CABs and other networks. And make sure people know that no question is a dumb question.

Flyer was edited to reflect committee input: colors, language to be inclusive of all people.

Need a phone tree for the committee.

Committee will send this flyer out to their networks.Mr. Bruce closed out the meeting. No public comment