Consumers Committee Meeting Minutes January 15, 2019


LGBT Center, 208 West 13th Street, Rm 301, NY, NY Conference Call Info: 1-866-213-1863, Access Code 3587454#
Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 1:00PM – 3:00PM

Planning Council Members Present: Lisa Best (Co-Chair),Billy Fields (Co-Chair), Saul Reyes

(Consumer At Large), Atif Abdul-Haaq, Randall Bruce, Paul Carr, Maria Diaz (Co-Chair, Tri County Steering Committee), Malaya Manacop, John Schoepp 

Planning Council Members Absent: Asia Betancourt, Rose Chestnut, Charmaine Graham, Justin LiGreci, Monique Mackey, Jesus Maldonado

NYCDOHMH:  Jose Colon-Berdecia, Melanie Lawrence, Cristina Rodriguez-Hart, Darryl Wong 

Other: Alexander Hardman, Linden Isles, David Martin, Leonardo Ruiz, Rob Walker 


  • Current Meeting Agenda & Minutes of December 18, 2018 meeting
  • The Health of Latinos in New York City, NYCDOHMH, 2017
  • Webinar Announcement: Recruitment & Retention of New Members to Planning Councils & Planning
  • Bodies, Planning CHATT, Community HIV/AIDS Technical Assistance & Training, 1/16/19
  • Workshop Announcement: Take Charge of Your Health: A Workshop for People with HIV
  • Act Now to Protect Medicare Part D Coverage of Antiretrovirals, HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA) & American Academy of HIV Medicine, 1/10/19
  • Ban on Tobacco Products in Pharmacies Goes Into Effect in January, NYCDOHMH Press Release, 12/18
  • Health Department Announces New Law Offering Third Gender Category on Birth Certificates Takes Effect on Tuesday, NYCDOHMH Press Release, 12/31/18
  • Mayor de Blasio Announces Plan to Guarantee Health Care for all New Yorkers, Press Release, Office of the Mayor, 1/8/19
  • HIV Surveillance Annual Report, 2017, NYCDOHMH, HIV Epidemiology & Field Services Program, November 2018
  • Recommendations from the Consumer Solar System, Consumers Comm., HIV Planning Council, 2017-8
  • The New York State of Integrated HIV & Mental Health Care,  McKinnon, Erby, Bradford & Satriano, presented at IALMH Prague, 7/17
  • Experts: Don’t Overlook Mental Health in People Living with HIV, Walker, Med Page,10/31/18 as presented at HIV Glasgow 2018
  • Health Department Launches Campaign to Encourage PCP to Screen and Treat for Depression, NYCDOHMH Press Release, 10/13/18
  • HealthHIV Consumer Survey, Pozitively Healthy, 2018
  • Mental Health Standards of Care, NY HIV Planning Council 2017
  • Psychosocial Support Standards of Care, NY HIV Planning Council 2017
  • HIV & Aging in San Francisco, Findings from the ROAH (Research on Older Adults with HIV), 2.0, San Francisco Study, ACRIA, The ACRIA Center on HIV & Aging at GMHC, Autumn 2018  
  • Consumers Committee December 2018 Meeting Evaluation (completed) & January 2019 Meeting Evaluation (to be completed)
  • January & February 2019 Planning Council meeting calendars


Billy Fields, Consumers Committee Co-Chair, opened the meeting with member introductions and a review of the Rules of Respectful Engagement. Lisa Best, Co-Chair, opened our first meeting in 2019 with acknowledgements of the tremendous work achieved by the consumers these past planning cycles, elevating the profile of the Consumers Committee of the Planning Council both locally and nationally.  The minutes from December 18 were approved as presented and the meeting materials were presented & reviewed.  Leonardo Ruiz, community member, led the group in a moment of silence in honor of those who have passed and those who endure in the struggle. 


It was announced that Hector Extravaganza, a prominent member of the House Ball Community and recent honoree at the 2018 World AIDS Day commemoration, passed away recently. A memorial will be held at the Schomburg Center. 


  • Saul Reyes reported that the Needs Assessment Committee has had a presentation on SPMI (Seriously & persistently mentally ill) and is currently undergoing a review of data and services for PLWH with disabilities.  
  • The Integration of Care Committee is looking at the Transitional Care Coordination (TCC) service model, which aims to house unstably housed or homeless individuals.  
  • It was underscored that in order to assure ongoing consumer input into program development, consumers must actively participate and be present at discussions regarding resource allocation and priority setting (PSRA). 
  • With respect to the PSRA process, consumers were encouraged to explore beyond the options routinely presented at scenario planning meetings.  It was voted that any cuts (3.5%) will be mitigated by diverting the Planning Council ADAP allocation, thereby opening up the opportunity to address new/unmet needs. 
  • Maria Diaz, on behalf of the Tri County Steering Committee (TCSC), reported that the Standards of Care were approved.
  • It was noted that there was a robust presence of consumers seeking more in-depth explanations to their questions regarding resource allocation.  
  • A number of organizations have expressed interest in presenting before the Consumers Committee: CHAIN, SAGE and the NMAC BLOC training program.
  • There will be a re-scheduled presentation on the assessment/re-assessment processes for Part A clients in February 2019 

QUALITY IMPROVEMENT (1) – DEV’T OF 2017 CONSUMER SOLAR SYSTEM RECOMMENDATIONS  Darryl Wong presented a possible approach to reviewing the mental health research sent to members. It was proposed that the committee break into small groups of 3-4 persons and that each group review one or two articles, identify the highlights and salient points of the research and present it to the group.

David Martin noted that the volume of materials received and the timing of the receipt, the day before the meeting, made it nearly impossible to complete the review. Lisa Best & Darryl Wong reiterated that 1) it is the Council member’s responsibility to review materials beforehand so that they are prepared to meaningfully contribute their thoughts regarding the analysis of distributed materials and 2) current political issues, i.e, the federal shutdown need to be addressed expeditiously. Paul Carr and other committee members were unclear as to why the Committee is re-visiting these recommendations after the project was presented.  The meeting materials were reviewed piece by piece so that members had a sense of the scope of research available.  A motion was made to table this discussion until the next meeting. After considerable discussion, a friendly amendment was made and adopted to establish an ongoing Quality Improvement Sub Committee to flesh out the research & literature and to bring the findings back to the entire committee at the monthly meeting. It was also noted that personal lived experience and perspective are equally important as published research.  A Sub Committee date will be established based on member response. NEW BUSINESS/PUBLIC COMMENT 

  • Paul Carr reported that the Tri County Oral Health Care Standards of Care will be used as the basis for discussions exploring the establishment of oral health care services in NYC. An additional request was made for Emergency Financial Assistance, for which a service directive exists in the Tri County region and could be utilized to establish the same program in NYC  
  • Maria Diaz announced that VOCAL is participating in Legislative Awareness Day at the Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY, on January 23 from 10AM-3PM.  There will also be programs on HCV elimination  (2/5/19), Ending Homelessness (2/12/19), and Ending Mass Incarceration (2/26/19).
  • A symposium at Columbia Law School on Transgender Violence will be held on 1/24 & 25.
  • There is a 3 day worldwide conference on Feb 3-5 called Disruption, a transgender focused event, at Columbia
  • It was requested that documents and materials to be reviewed be sent to the committee the week before the meeting.   


The meeting was extended to 3:20PM. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.