Consumers Committee Minutes, December 21, 2021



Tuesday, December 21, 2021, 2:00PM – 4:00PM

By Zoom Video Conference


Committee Members Present: Charmaine Graham (Co-chair), David Martin (Consumer-at-Large), Billy Fields, Lawrence Francis, Michael Rifkin, John Schoepp, Paul Carr, Rob Walker, Ralph Henderson, Ruby Garner, Yves Gebhardt

DOHMH: Cristina Rodriguez-Hart,David Klotz,Graham Harriman, Jose Colon-Berdecia

Other Individuals: none

Agenda Item #1: Welcome/Introductions

David and Charmaine did the introductions. Ralph Henderson did the moment of silence. The rules of respectful engagement were read out loud. The committee approved the 11/16 minutes with no corrections.  

Agenda Item #2: Public Comment & Buddy System

No public comment. Jose went over the buddy system and the types of questions you want to discuss ground rules for respectful engagement with each other. Lawrence was confused about who the buddy system is for and it was clarified that it is just for the consumers on the CC. It is not for recruitment of outsiders. Privacy and confidentiality should be prioritized and discussed between buddies. Please talk with your buddies before the end of January. Jose will send out the buddy system matches after the CC meeting.

Agenda Item #3: Power of QI Workshop Discussion

We reflected on the workshop presentation. People felt that it went really well, represented the consumers well, but we had a lot of issues with Run the World Platform. We came across as professional. Billy’s off script passion added to the role play. Graham said the workshop was his highlight from last week and he thinks we should take it on the road. Jose also congratulated everyone. David K could only see the chat comments because of the DOHMH firewall but will see the recording later. Lawrence said he said the important thing was that we had each other’s back and covered for each other. Cristina spoke on the importance of our preparation and Yves also said that this was important. We could also record it if the recording didn’t occur on the 14th. We had about 47 participants at the workshop. Participants were very engaged in the chat box.

Agenda Item #4: CC Business

Member Buttons

Charmaine talked about the reason to have buttons. David also stressed the utility of buttons and some of the issues involved. Graham contacted some people at DOHMH and they asked if we have a design. If we have a design they can make them as enamel pins. Compensating people in the current environment at DOHMH is nearly impossible, so we would need to find volunteers. We could look for volunteers, like a student in a design program. Cristina said she could ask her mother to see if she could design something. Ruby would like to choose someone who can design it that has experienced. The Boston logo was shared by Michael as an idea of what could be done. David wondered about the size of the button, would it be 1 or 2 inches, because that would help us determine how much text to have on it. Paul asked what the goal of the button is. Charmaine reiterated the goal. Paul doesn’t understand how a pin would help recruitment and engagement. David said a button would invite someone to ask us about the council, raises awareness. John said a lot of consumers don’t know about the planning council, but thinks we should hand them out as swag. Lawrence asked what if members on other committees don’t want to wear the buttons and suggested a subcommittee on this. Billy said it can be simple and pointed out that we don’t have anything that identifies them as council members. Michael said that instead of a logo that brands us we could have some image that leads to conversations that we want to have. Paul pointed out developing the brochure took a while and he thinks we should be focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic and which agencies are going to be open. David wanted to differentiate between branding and merchandising; suggested we take all the ideas from everyone and not exclude any ideas. Lawrence wants to know if this can be in a subcommittee.

CC Directory

Cristina showed the document. John suggested an asterisk for new members, other committees, and that it shouldn’t be printed or shared publicly, governmental liaison, and voting rights. Lawrence would add pronouns to it and Cristina said she can note people’s pronouns at the next CC meeting.

CC 2021-2022 Workplan

David and Charmaine went through the Powerpoint presentation on the CC workplan. David added that the CC could create a survey for consumers. Graham and Cristina asked if this is what the CC wants to work on for January-July 2022. John suggested we have simultaneous breakout rooms like in needs assessment committee. Billy suggested we prioritize because we can’t get everything done. David agreed with Billy and said we could do breakout groups; suggested we come back to this in the new year because we don’t have a lot of consumers present. Cristina pointed out that a few youth with HIV providers and researchers have been invited to the February and March meetings because we have to book them far in advance, and suggested that we develop discussion questions to guide January’s discussion. Michael suggested we discuss this together in January when more members are present. David made a motion to carry the discussion of the workplan forward to January.

Agenda Item #5: Public Comment

John asked if there are gift cards for attending the meetings. Graham said he think there are cards for council members for November but the ones for after that won’t be available for many months. Procurement has slowed down and we have put an order in but we can’t get the card order filled anytime soon. When they come in in 2022, consumers will get the backlog.

The CC meeting was adjourned.