Executive Committee Meeting Minutes April 18, 2024


By Zoom

3:35 – 4:20pm

Members Present: David Klotz (Governmental Co-chair), David Martin (Community Co-chair), Billy Fields (Finance Officer), Raffi Babakhanian, Ronnie Fortunato, Marya Gilborn, Charmaine Graham, Julian Palmer, Guadalupe Dominguez Plummer (ex-officio), Marcelo Maia Soares, Marcy Thompson

Members Absent: Saqib Altaf, Paul Carr, Joan Edwards, Steve Hemraj, Emma Kaywin, Matthew Lesieur, Freddy Molano, MD

Staff Present: NYC DOHMH: Doienne Saab, Scott Spiegler, Patrick Chan; Public Health Solutions: Gemma Ashby-Barclay, Rosemarie Santos; HRSA: Axel Reyes

Agenda Item #1: Welcome/Introductions/Minutes/Public Comment

Mr. Klotz and Mr. Martin opened the meeting followed by introductions and a moment of silence.  The minutes from the February 22, 2024 meeting were approved with no changes.  

Mr. Klotz informed the Committee that a new Council deputy director has been named and that the candidate is a former Council member.  Also, interviews are being conducted to replace Jose Colon-Berdecia as community coordinator.

Agenda Item #2: HRSA Project Officer Update

Mr. Reyes commended the EMA for expending 99.2% of the GY 2023 grant award.  This is among the highest among all EMAs and the highest since before the COVID pandemic.  Mr. Klotz added that the fourth quarter closeout report will be presented at the May Executive Committee meeting and that PSRA will begin considering a carryover plan to use the unspent funds. 

Agenda Item #3: GY 2024 Reprogramming Plan

Ms. Gilborn presentedthe GY 2024 reprogramming plan, which maximized the expenditure of grant funds that become uncommitted during the course of the year.  The Council gives the Recipient the latitude to shift funds between service categories in order to enhance overperforming contracts.  No service category will be enhanced by more than 20% of its original allocation in the spending plan without Council approval.  ADAP will be included as a category for enhancement after all other service categories have been considered, but will not be subject to the 20% cap. All enhancements are one-time, meaning that they are just for the current grant year and do not change the original service category allocations or contract amounts.  

On behalf of the PSRA Committee, Ms. Gilborn moved to accept the GY 2024 reprogramming plan as presented.  The motion was adopted 10Y-0N.

Agenda Item #4: GY 2024 Planning Council Support Budget

Mr. Klotz introduced the GY 2024 Council support budget, which comes out of the 10% of the grant award that is taken off the top for all grant administration activities.  The budget was negotiated by the Council leadership and Recipient, as per HRSA guidelines and the Memorandum of Agreement.  Personnel amounts are based on the contract negotiated between the DC37 union and City Hall and the fringe rate set by the City.  The Council did not budget for a college aide this year, which offsets much of the increase in personnel expenses.  Overall, the budget is $24,749 less than the previous year (-2.7%).   Highlights of changes to the other than personnel services (OTPS) amount are:

  • There is funding for one staff to attend the National Ryan White Conference.  NYC is strictly limiting employee travel, and despite the travel being grant funded and a letter from Mr. Reyes stating that about eight people (including presenters) should be present, only a total of four (including Recipient staff) will be allowed to travel.
  • Funds budgeted in GY 2023 for a youth forum will not be needed, and only a small portion of funds budgeted for a stigma training consultant will be used in GY 2024 for a follow-up to the November 2023 Council-Recipient retreat.  Skills building training to support consumer participation in planning will be part of the job responsibilities of the new community planner and community coordinator.

In response to a question from Mr. Babakhanian, Mr. Klotz will ask Mr. Reyes if it is allowable to use grant funds to support consumers’ internet access (e.g., paying for Wi-Fi).  There are some lines in the budget (for in-person meeting expenses) that are not expected to be fully utilized and that can be modified during the year to pay for that.

A motion was made, seconded and approved 10Y-0N to adopt the GY 2024 Council support budget as presented.

Agenda Item #5: Public Comment/New Business

Mr. Maia Soares stated that it is unfortunate that HRSA does not provide scholarships to help consumers attend the NRWC.

Ms. Plummer announced that the new RWPA program website is now live.  It includes service information and links to other resources.  An HIV housing website will be updated shortly. There being no further comment, the meeting was adjourned.