Integration of Care Committee Meeting December 16th, 2020



Danielle Beiling & Donald Powell, IOC Co-Chairs

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020, 10a-11:45a

Zoom Meeting


Attendance: Danielle Beiling (co-chair) Janet Goldberg, Leo Ruiz, John Schoepp, Deborah Green, Bill Gross, Mitchell Caponi, Stephanie Serafino, Paul Carr, Ronnie Fortunato, Billy Fields, Brenda Starks-Ross, Greg Bruckno, Michael Ealy, Dorothy Farley, Matthew Lesieur, Rose Chestnut

Staff/PHS: Jose Colon Berdecia, David Klotz, Guadalupe Dominguez Plummer, Graham Harriman (Governmental Chair), Bettina Carroll, Kimbirly Mack, Ashley Azor, Cristina Rodriguez-Hart, Bettina Carrol, Rachel Crowley, Jose Colon-Berdecia, Claire Simon,

Agenda Item #1: Welcome/Introductions/Moment of Silence


Agenda Item #2: CHAIN Presentation: Lessons From COVID-19

Dr. Angela Aidela presented on the most recent findings of CHAIN and connected the pandemics findings to larger needs among consumers in NYC. CHAIN uses surveys to help inform the care system. Slides are available by request, the following is a summation of the discussion that accompanied the presentation:

  • Consumers are/were not getting pertinent information to protect themselves from COVID-19 or information on how to access services during the pandemic.
  • Food, financial insecurity, housing instability and access to cleaning supplies were major issues among those surveyed.
  • About a third of those surveyed were experiencing psychological distress
  • Stigma and fear of disclosure continues to be an issue for PWH
  • Accessing telehealth was a big concern – some clients have limited minutes, limited technology
  • Saw increases in self reported need for food and mental health services as the pandemic wore on
  • Limited methods of outreach did impact the sample surveyed
  • Food and housing are the critical services to consider during and beyond the pandemic
  • Transportation issues increased during the pandemic and highlight the challenges for older PWH to access care and services
  • Community health workers and navigators are needed on the ground
  • Integrated, low threshold services are gateway services for the hardest to reach
  •  HIV and STI infections are on the rise due to the pandemic
  • Peer workers, navigators, community health workers need to be paid a living wage
  • Having a stable primary care provider is associated with improved health outcomes

Agenda Item #3: Review Recent Directives

A summation of how services should be delivered was presented. The slides reviewed all service directives developed since 2017 and the manner in which care and consumers were centered, as well as additional concepts to embed.

Goodbye 2020!

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