Integration of Care Committee Meeting Minutes November 20, 2019


Meeting of the
Integration Of Care Committee
Danielle Beiling and Donald Powell, Chairs
November 20th, 2019, 10:00AM -12:00PM
LGBT Center 208 West 13th St, Room 301


Members Present: Donald Powell, Paul Carr, Mitchell Caponi, Bettina Carroll (non-voting), Rose Chestnut (phone), Mary Correa (phone), Dorothy Farley, Billy Fields, Ronnie Fortunato, Janet Goldberg, Deborah Greene, Bill Gross, Graham Harriman, Annette Roque, John Schoepp, Joel Zive

Members Absent: Danielle Beiling (Co-chair),  Lauren Benyola, Randall Bruce, Michael Ealy, Christopher Joseph, Peter Laqeur, Claire Simon, Brenda Starks-Ross

Welcome/Introductions w Pronouns/Moment of Silence/
Review of the Meeting Packet/Review of the Minutes:

Mr, Powell led introductions with pronouns and the moment of silence. The minutes were accepted with corrections.

Public Comment/New Business

PrEP uptake is on the rise, but needs more support to hit targets.

Grantee Response to Key Issues From October Meeting

Case finding is clarified with a side by side that highlights the different definitions. The committee accepted the information and did not ask for further review.

Health education has no time frame to support the intervention meeting client needs. Group health ed does not have a required time maximum, but the minimum is an hour.

  1. Managed use as compared to safe use. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) can be provided if chosen by the client and in coordination with a medical provider.
  2. The heavy use of acronyms requires an accompanying directory.
  3. Targeted outreach definition, has been defined since 2014, with specific request numbers. It should be a looser definition
  4. Can the client centered plan be focused on a different service category?
  5. Family of choice needs emphasis. Necessary to find out what is currently procured, to ensure consistency with intent of the service directive. The document was changed but clarification will be presented at the November meeting.
  6. Contracts will not be rewritten through this process. The pay-ability rules of the current contract continue to apply.
  7. Wasn’t TES removed? Grantee agrees, but programs have the option.
  8. Lisa M. Najavits, the author of Seeking Safety, offers these trainings, through Treatment Innovations. DOHMH worked with her to develop curricula specific to HIV, and requires approval for trainings offered by other providers.
  9. Patient Navigators require a specific set of trainings under DOHMH guidance to deliver services under RWPA contracts.
  10. Coordination with a member of the client’s primary care team is already happening in this service category.

 Clarification on what counts as contact – what requires a response from the client?

Line-by-Line Editing of the Standards of Care: Legal Services
Public Comment