Integration of Care Minutes – 2/15/2023


Integration of Care Committee

Veronica Fortunato & Steve Hemraj, IOC Co-Chairs

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023


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Bill Gross

Billy Fields

Chris Joseph

Deborah J. Greene

Dorothy Farley

Graham Harriman

Gregg Bruckno

Gretchen Ty

Hondo Martinez

Janet Goldberg

John Schoepp

Karen McKinnon

Marcelo Maia

Mitchell Caponi

Raffi Babakhanian

Ronnie Fortunato

Steve Hemraj  


Adrianna Eppinger-Meiering

Bryan Meisel

Cristina Rodriguez-Hart

Doienne Saab

Grace Mackson

Ilana Newman

Kimbirly Mack

Scott Spiegler

Agenda Item 1: Welcome, Roll Call & Moment of Silence

The meeting was opened with introductions (name, agency, title) and favorite black owned business in honor of Black History Month.

Black Owned Business


Black Owned Barbershops

Tsion Café

Cake Boi

G’s Caribbean Restaurant

The Door

Rock and Come In – Jamaican Restaurant & Bar

Bergen Bakery

Beverly’s- Art Space and Bar

Astor Wines – Worker Owned Collective

Carol’s Daughter

Charles Pan Fried Chicken

Yo House

Café Con Libros

Black Art

Etsy Black Owned Biz

Ewenited States of Fiber

Peaches (2% black owned)

Trinity Pentecostal House of Prayer in BK

Negril Restaurant

228 Grant Street Candle Co.

Agenda Item 2: Line-by-Line Editing of the Behavioral Health Directive

Special thanks to all committee members who volunteer to read. Kimbirly Mack kicked off the reading at the February meeting.

Committee began at demarcated stop.

The following bullets capture key points of the discussion.

  • Feasibility of high intensity case management is challenging due to multiple funders at agencies.
    • Committee discussed language to support lower ratio case loads – practice exists, is not wide spread, and is expensive
    • All providers will not be able to deliver this service; if required across the board, will limit appilcants for the funding
    • Currently people need additional case management – very difficult to get clients to support needed
    • Can we determine a percentage of how much of the cade management should be high intensity – how do we figure out this number – should it be based on percentage of clients in RW with a serious mental health diagnosis.
  • Idea is that organizations should be promoting
  • 33:10 stop

Agenda Item 3: New Business & Public Comment

No public comment.

Brenda Starks-RossFood & Nutrition Services, Short-Term Housing, Health Education/Risk Reduction, Family Stabilization and Supportive Counseling, Harm Reduction
Deborah GreeneHarm Reduction
Janet GoldbergMedical Case Management, Harm Reduction, Food & Nutrition Services
Ronnie FortunatoFood & Nutrition Services