Integration of Care – June 22, 2022 Minutes


June 22 2022


Minutes of the 


Veronica Fortunato & Donald Powell, IOC Co-Chairs

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022, 10a-12p

Zoom Meeting

Recording of the Meeting


Billy Fields

Bill Gross

Brenda Starks-Ross

Cassandra Moore

Dorothy Farley           

Chris Joseph              

David Martin

Deborah Greene

Donald Powell

Emma Kaywin

Francine Cournos

Guadalupe Dominguez Plummer

Graham Harriman 

Gregg Bryckno

Janet Goldberg                                                                  

John Schoepp

Leo Ruiz                      

Karen McKinnon

Michael J. Ealy

Raffi Babakhanian

Rose Chestnut

Veronica Fortunato


Cristina Rodriguez-HartGiovanna NovoaJohanna Acosta Bryan Meisel
Deb NobleKimbirly MackKimbirly MackScott Speigler
Ilana NewmanRenee JamesGrace Mackson 

Agenda Item #1: Welcome/Introductions w. Pronouns/Moment of Silence/Review of Minutes

Introductions were conducted. In awareness of father’s day, attendees shared stories about good father’s day gifts. Minutes for the May and earlier June meetings were reviewed and accepted. 

The committee has shifted to line by line editing of the housing directive due to a change in the timeline required to renew contracts.

Agenda Item #2: Line-by-Line Editing of the Housing Directive

The committee reviewed the mechanisms portion of the directive. Key points of the discussion include:

  • Amended homophobia to include transphobia
  • Expanded permanent housing to include rent-stabilized housing
  • Language edited for clarity and consistency
  • Included support for navigation of court and tenants rights processes
  • Included assistance with accessing advocates and support for these processes
  • Included the prevention of evictions
  • Robust discussion on what tenants rights are, if people are aware of them and how to assert them
  • Ms. Novoa explained the requirements placed on housing agencies  and HASA to  support clients in navigating these processes
  • HASA is not directing people to the support and resources to address these issues.
    • Should not be directing people to HASA
  • Need additional training for agencies and clients
  • There is deep concern that HASA is dropping the ball.
  • The Supportive Housing Tenants Bill of Rights is provided, and read to clients at intake.
  • HASA clients who are having issues with their housing/HASA – can RW help them navigate the barriers?
    • Yes, unless the client is ineligible for RW
  • Have seen clients assisted by HASA when the apartment is not habitable
  • Expanded and deepened required training for housing providers
    • Established linkae with referral sites needed
  • Clients should have support in accessing and maintaining housing
  • Directive blends harm reduction, supportive counseling and mental health
  • Data will be entered into a database for tracking – working on capturing social determinants of health 
  • Removed redundant language
  • Enter language for blanket support as needed and appropriate 
  • Language to support hiring retention and utilization of peer workers improved
  • Peer workers incentivized
  • Client outcomes should be specific to the housing directive
    • Question of implication
    • Is only describing outcomes specific to short term housing
  • Strengthened role of peers in delivering services
  • Added an outcome on clients feeling supported

IOC APPROVED – voted to approve! 


IOC approval  Executive Committee for approval  Planning Council for approval

Agenda Item #4: Public Comment