Need Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes June 13th, 2019


Marcy Thompson & Amanda Lugg, Co-Chairs
June 13th, 2019, 10:00AM -12:00PM

LGBT Center, 208 West 13th Street, Room 301, New York, NY By Conference Call – 1-866-213-1863, Access Code 3587454#

Members Present: Barrett, Fay; Bruce, Randall; Carr, Paul; Domingo, Micah; Fields, Billy; Frasca, Timothy

(ph); Garcia-Goldwyn, Guillermo (ph); Harriman, Graham; Lugg, Amanda (ph); Schoepp, John; Singh, Mytri; Thompson, Marcy; Yomogida, Maiko

Members Absent: Maria Diaz, Jan Carl Park, Jennifer Irwin, Ron Joyner, Saul Reyes, Janie Simmons, Robert Steptoe

Welcome/Introductions/Moment of Silence/Public Comment/ Review of the Meeting Packet/Review of the Minutes:  

Ms. Lawrence led introductions, including pronouns, and an icebreaker about the rain. Mr. Domingo led the committee in a moment of silence. Ms. Lawrence reviewed the meeting packet and agenda.

Public Comment/New Business  


Oral Health Subcommittee Recommendations

Mr. Carr, Co-Chair of the Oral Health and Ms. Lawrence presented the final draft of the Oral Health

Recommendations. The subcommittee identified a strong need for oral health care among PLWH in RWPA. Included in the overarching recommendation were recommendations for dental case management; linkages to educational interventions; linkage and possibly funding of specialized complex care; use of health bucks for oral hygiene products; increasing the number of covered cleanings; a long term oral health perspective rather than a quick fix. 

These recommendations must go the Executive Committee, then the full Planning Council. They would then land in the Integration of Care committee where they would flesh out a service model.

Important to have case conferencing as part of the service. Behavioral health is a significant touchpoint for some people that are accessing oral health care. Push the understanding that oral health care is health care, and the fact that this is an entry point to the system.

Grantee reminded the committee that a cost analysis will be a major part of the final service model determination. Important to think about POLR considerations. It is imperative to bring Part F providers to the table. Can advocate for more funding for Part F but that is out of our purview. 

Providers ask consumers to disclose status and provide bloodwork – important to de-stigmatize this process. This is where a case manager could really help. 

Forum for PLWH with Disabilities Planning

It is exhausting to have to constantly show and perform your trauma. Mr. Fields expressed concern that not many TGNBNC attend our subcommittee meetings on TGNBNC.

A panel has been added per community input. Workgroups are based on the draft recommendations. Three hearing loop zones can be created. Need volunteers to handle the different tasks.

For Spanish speakers who had questions about the event, the hope is that they could speak with their providers. 

The committee worked to define the focus and structure of each working group. The committee reviewed the recommendations to appropriately delineate the groups. The committee than line by line edited the recommendations.

The panelists were discussed to help inform the discussion about guiding questions for the workgroups.

Volunteers were enlisted for the various tasks.

We will have to go through the notes and stories and pull out the needs, resources and guidance after the event. 

More feedback time is a good idea – feedback and testimony take time and people want to be heard.  Note taker should be the person that reports back. Or they can pull together the themes and let someone report back. 

A formal outreach committee for the forum was formed.

SMI Update

Mr. Frasca gave an update on the work of the SMI subcommittee and invited all the June 24th meeting.

New Business