Needs Assessment Committee Meeting April 13th, 2023


Members Present: Emma Kaywin (Co-chair), Marcy Thompson (Co-chair), Graham Harriman, John Schoepp, Freddy Molano, Marcy Sedlacek, Ralph Henderson, David Martin, Norine DiGiulio, Beth Hribar, Claire Simon, Arthur Fitting, Jennifer Irwin, Billy Fields, Charmaine Graham

DOHMH, PHS, NYS, CHAIN and Other Staff Present: David Klotz, Doienne Saab, Kimbirly Mack, Connor Reynolds, Nadine Alexander, Cristina Rodriguez-Hart, Adrianna Eppinger-Meiering, Erin Harned

Agenda Item #1: Welcome/Roll Call/Moment of Silence/Minutes:

Emma Kaywin and Marcy Thompson opened the meeting with a brief Committee member and staff introduction.  John Schoeep led the moment of silence. The minutes of the March 9th meeting were approved with minor changes.

Agenda Item #2: Needs Assessment Roadmap

Doienne Saab presented on the 2022-23 Needs Assessment (NA) updates for April covering the following topics: Timeline/Work-to-date, updates to Section 1 and Section 2, overview of drafted content for Section 3/4 drafted content, parking lot items, and the next steps for the NA.

Doienne shared the high-level feedback she received from members for the drafted NA Section 2 and discussed the edits that were applied. She also shared an update on the revision of Figure 1. The History of NYC HIV Epidemic from 1981 – 2021, following feedback from members during a previous NAC meeting. The feedback on the graph provided will be applied to a final version that will be included in the Needs Assessment. Feedback included making the timeline vertical and in black font; and adding footnotes to the graphics where data collection for HIV reporting that began in 2020. Doienne also shared an overview of the NA Section 3 and 4 drafted content. A concern that was brought up by some members of the committee was the need for better access to AETC trainings, as some feel that it is hard to register to trainings/webinars if you are not a provider/clinician. Another comment provided was the suggestion to include an option to select peer workers as a job category in the AETC workforce survey for improving data collection on the HIV workforce. During the presentation, Doienne discussed the ‘Parking Lot’ items for additional data points of interest that will help to inform Committee’s workplan and strategic planning following the completion of the NA in mid-May. Doienne wrapped up the meeting with future meeting dates and deadlines upcoming and April and May. She will follow-up with the committee on setting up meetings with each of the Needs Assessment workgroups to discuss compiling a list of final recommendations to include the Needs Assessment.

The agreed upon due date for reviewers to return their edits to Section 3/4 to Doienneis set for April 28th COB . There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.