Needs Assessment Committee Meeting February 10th, 2022


Needs Assessment Committee

Finn Schubert and Marcy Thompson, Chairs

February 10th, 2022, 1:00PM -3:00PM

Zoom Video Call:

Members Present: Fay Barrett, Billy Fields, Graham Harriman (Gov’t Co-chair), Jennifer Irwin, Amanda Lugg, Finn Schubert (Co-chair), John Schoepp, Marcy Thompson (Co-chair), Maiko Yomogida, Angela Aidala, Reginald Brown, Claire Simon, Erin Harned, Norine Di Giulio, Steve Hemraj

DOHMH, PHS, NYS and Other Staff: Cristina Rodriguez-Hart, Kimbirly Mack, David Klotz, Jose Colon-Berdecia, Denise Ortiz

Welcome/Introductions/Moment of Silence/Public Comment/

Review of the Meeting Packet/Review of the Minutes:

Finn led introductions of people present. Billy led the moment of silence. During public comment David brought up that the person who co-discovered the HIV virus, Luc Montagnier, just died. No corrections to the January minutes and they were approved.

Needs assessment (NA) workgroups

The facilitators from the epi profile workgroup and provider capacity workgroup could not attend the meeting, so only 2 workgroups met during this NAC. Graham gave a brief overview of the discussion they would have on the NYC EHE Situational Analysis for the resource inventory workgroup, and CHAIN staff person Erin gave a brief overview of the data briefs that the service needs and gaps workgroup would cover in their breakout. Below is a summary for each workgroup in terms of their progress.

Epi Profile

Epi profile didn’t meet but has the following next steps for March: Nadine will go over epi data for priority populations (PPs) and Noelisa will be doing a presentation on mental health that she gave to NAC a few years ago. They received data requests back from NYSDOH and she’ll add that to what’s being presented in March. A few PPs were added to the data since the January meeting to mirror the PPs in the NYC EHE Plan. They are still waiting on some data from NYSDOH.

Resource inventory

There wasn’t enough time to cover the entire situational analysis and so in March they will review it again and summarize key takeaways, gaps, and recommendations from this document. Graham had to leave at 2pm for a meeting, but the workgroup continued their discussion and Jennifer Irwin took notes on Graham’s behalf.

Provider Capacity

This workgroup didn’t meet at the NAC meeting, but since the last NAC the facilitators and Cristina have had discussions with AETC staff to propose the new questions that the workgroup would like to have added to the AETC provider capacity survey. AETC has returned a more final version of the survey with the questions incorporated and the workgroup was emailed asking for any last feedback they have.

Service needs and gaps

They had an ambitious plan to review 5 CHAIN data briefs on needs and gaps in various service categories. They were able to spot check the housing data, and were able to discuss employment and case management. The multiple indicators provided for service need and utilization has caused confusion and so they will condense down to single measures that are more comprehensive within the options for each service category. They will review food and nutrition, financial services, transportation services, oral health services in March.