Needs Assessment Committee Meeting July 16, 2019


Meeting of the
Amanda Lugg and Marcy Thompson, Chairs
July 16th, 2019, 10:00AM -12:00PM
LGBT Center, 208 West 13th Street, Room 301, New York, NY
By Conference Call – 1-866-213-1863, Access Code 3587454#

Present: Randall Bruce, Billy Fields, Tim Frasca, Leo Ruiz, Rob Walker, Paul Carr, Graham Harriman, Julie Lehane, Jan Carl Park, John Schoepp, Marcy Thompson (chair)

Welcome/Introductions/Moment of Silence/Public Comment/
Review of the Meeting Packet/Review of the Minutes:

Ms. Thompson led introductions, including pronouns, and an icebreaker about spring. Mr. Fields led the committee in a moment of silence. Ms. Irwin asked for a clarification of the minutes regarding a robust discussion on the date of the planned forum.

Public Comment/New Business


Editing the Recommendations for PLWH with Disabilities

The committee continued editing the recommendations for PLWH with Disabilities resulting in a final document for presentation to the Executive Committee. Following are bulleted points that guided the edits:

  • Something like Yelp would be beyond the grantee’s capacity to manage. A fully descriptive and publicly available guide to services would be a better solution. Sticking point is making DOHMH evaluations available to the public.
  • A compromise is for PHS to make available the more easily captured access features – i.e. elevators, ramps, etc. Addressing hidden disabilities is more difficult.
  • Desire to keep evaluation point in hopes a future compromise is possible.
  • Put accessibility in the quality management program to better address it across the system
  • Consumer forums meant to improve dialogue between PLWH with disabilities and the grantee were moved to the Consumers Committee
  • Want to ensure the recommendations address a larger conversation that should be happen with regard to Universal Design – thinking about people with disabilities in all situations.
  • Removed continuously from updated resource guide and replaced with as needed to ensure that the guide is kept current as staff changes.
  • Separate housing and facilities with regard to universal design.
  • To fund a gap in assistive technologies, a service directive would have to be developed based on what is fundable through RWPA
  • The Consumers Committee could hold events that provide sounding boards for PLWH with disabilities. These must be focused on people with disabilities
  • Consolidated the QI recommendations
  • Removed seriously mentally ill from the document.

Mr. Carr motioned that we accept the recommendations. It was seconded and approved unanimously.

Public Comment