Needs Assessment Committee Meeting July 8th, 2021


Meeting of the

Needs Assessment Committee

Amanda Lugg and Marcy Thompson, Chairs

July 8th, 2021, 10:00AM -11:00AM

Zoom Video Call:

Members Present: John Schoepp, Francine Cournos, Karen McKinnon, Matthew Lesieur, Norine Di Giulio, , Fay Barrett, Amanda Lugg (Co-chair), Marcy Thompson (Co-chair), Finn Schubert, Micah Domingo, Graham Harriman (Gov’t Co-chair), Jim Satriano, Reginald Brown

DOHMH, PHS, NYS and Other Staff: Ashley Azor, Claire Simon, Kimbirly Mack, Roland Torres, Nadine Alexander

Welcome/Introductions/Moment of Silence/Public Comment/

Review of the Meeting Packet/Review of the Minutes:

The meeting opened a few minutes late with introductions and an icebreaker. A moment of silence was led by Micah Domingo. The minutes of the June 10th meeting were accepted.

PWH with SMI Workgroup Draft Agenda

Presented draft agenda for PWH with SMI State Partner Workgroup. Ms. Lawrence reviewed the agenda. Mr. Harriman further explained the goals of the workgroup in navigating the larger bureaucracy to achieve policy goals.

Mr. Schoepp asked why some goals/actions will require 5 years. Long term changes, particularly bureaucratic, are very slow to happen. Mr. Lesieur, who has extensive experience in legislative processes, regarded the timeline as reasonable

Goal of Council in developing the timeline is to ensure that we continually move the work forward, and not get bogged down by larger, more obstinate barriers.

Forum on PWH with SMI Report

Presented the final report on the forum (Parts 1 and 2) hosted by the Needs Assessment Committee. The report will be reviewed and includes an appendix of Key Activities that are separated by state partners and those internal to DOHMH.

Committee members are encouraged to review the products and send feedback.

New Council Policy Committee

Presentation introducing the joint HIV Prevention Group (HPG) – Planning Council Policy Committee focused on improving HIV outcomes. Interested members are welcome to join – contact

Some issues require a very quick response, within 24 hours – plan to develop a mechanism to meet this need. Potential focuses include: harm reduction, correctional setting impact, sex work and HIV criminalization, building the capacity of the HIV work force.

Mr. Guzman shared his experience working in advocacy on policy. Idea for this group is for it to define itself and its focus. The committee will be built from the ground up. This is a great way to sync HIV treatment and prevention work. There is an accompanying policy document that the presentation was derived from which will be shared with the committee.

Mr. Schoepp asked about this being a step to merging the HPG and the Council. But this is not about that larger process that was introduced many years ago. Mr. Guzman noted that this is a good test project to see how the two bodies come together to focus on one workstream. Ms. McKinnon noted that this bodes well for the work of the Council.