Needs Assessment Committee Meeting March 10th, 2022


Members Present: Fay Barrett, Billy Fields, Erin Harned, Graham Harriman (Gov’t Co-chair), Jennifer Irwin, Emma Kaywin, David Martin, Karen McKinnon, Freddy Molano, MD, Leo Ruiz, John Schoepp, Finn Schubert (Co-chair), Scott Spiegler, Marcy Thompson (Co-chair), Roland Torres, Steven Wilcox

DOHMH, PHS, NYS and Other Staff: David Klotz, Johnell Lawrence, Noelisa Montero, Kimbirly Mack, Jose Colon-Berdecia

Welcome/Introductions/Moment of Silence/Public Comment/

Review of the Meeting Packet/Review of the Minutes:

Finn and Marcy opened the meeting, followed by a roll call and moment of silence. The February 10th meeting minutes were approved with no changes.

Needs assessment (NA) workgroups

Graham announced that Cristina Rodriguez-Hart has accepted a position in the HIV Care & Treatment Program’s Research & Evaluation Unit.  She will continue to support the committee until her transfer is complete.  The NAC will be able to slow down their work on the needs assessment, allowing for a more deliberative process and time for public forums and more community feedback.  He also asked that workgroup leaders take notes in bullet form capturing the essential points and adding them monthly to the tracking grid.

Resource inventory

Graham reported that the workgroup will continue its review of the situational analysis to summarize key takeaways, gaps, and recommendations from this document.

Provider Capacity

Johnell reported that the workgroup will review the revised AETC survey, which incorporated the new questions that the workgroup submitted.

Service needs and gaps

Erin reported that the workgroup will review CHAIN data briefs on needs and gaps in food and nutrition, financial services, transportation services, and oral health services.

Epi Profile

Noelisa reported that she will present on the prevalence of mental health diagnoses among RWPA clients.

The workgroups met in breakout sessions until adjournment at 3pm.