Needs Assessment Committee Meeting March 14, 2024


Members Present: Marcy Thompson (Co-chair), David Klotz (Governmental – chair), John Schoepp, Arthur Fitting, Billy Fields, Raffi Babakhanian, Norine DiGiulio, Rasheed Ford, Marcy Sedlacek, Jennifer Irwin, Vanessa Decamps, Charmaine Graham, Beth Hribar, Reginald Brown

DOHMH, PHS, NYS, CHAIN, and Other Staff Present: Doienne Saab, Johanna Acosta, Kimbirly Mack, Sara Kramer, Alyssa Prince, Scott Spiegler, Cristina Rodriquez-Hart, Yusyin Hsin,  Nadine Alexander, Lilian Ha, Maiko Yomogida

Agenda Item #1: Moment of Silence/Minutes:

Marcy T. opened the meeting with introductions. The meeting minutes from February were approved with no changes.

Agenda Item #1: Presentation – Needs Assessment Committee Prioritizing Upcoming Topic Selections    

Doienne S. provided a refresher on the Needs Assessment Committee’s purpose to manage all required assessment activities, including data analysis, selecting topics to investigate to contribute to the Planning Council’s assessment of unmet need and service gaps for PWH receiving RWPA services in the NY EMA. She described the planning process used to identify emerging topics from the comprehensive needs assessment completed May 2023. Following the March NAC meeting, Doienne will send out a ranking survey asking members to select and prioritize three topics of interest to focus on for the remainder of the planning year 2024.

Agenda Item #2: Presentation – Recommendations from the NY HIV Planning Council for PWH with Disabilities: An Update from the Recipient     

Recipient staff Johanna A. presented the recommendations for PWH with disabilities were approved by the NY HIV Planning Council on 10/31/2019. The recommendations were created in response to an analysis conducted by Nadine Alexander and the HIV Care and Treatment Program on “Disability Among Ryan White Part A (RWPA) Clients in 2017”. Johanna A. shared the following updates for data systems: The Recipient revised the eSHARE intake assessment forms to include applicable questions from validated screening tools. Guidance was distributed to RWPA subrecipients recommending revisions to client records by including accommodation needs to ensure clients do not have to ask for accommodations at each visit. The Outpatient Ambulatory Services program includes a comprehensive assessment of HIV and aging including screenings related to cognitive ability, mobility, nutrition, sight, and hearing. LGBTQ+ Asylum Seekers Needing Health and Support Services Doienne S. presented the compiled themes for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers needing health and support services themes and its overarching, associated goal: To provide the guidance and resources to help providers with treating LGBTQ+ clients with sensitivity and competence to appropriately meet their needs in an affirming manner. The Cmte. emphasized that LGBTQ+ services for asylum seekers must be safe and confidential to ensure accessibility for this community. The Cmte. asked Doienne S. to reach out to Legal Aid Society and to LGBTQ+ led organizations to inform best practices for this community. Stakeholder Engagement and Community Engagement Doienne S. presented the compiled themes  stakeholder engagement and community engagement and its overarching, associated goal: To build the capacity of RWPA providers to better health and social services access. The Cmte.  highlighted the importance of information sharing and being aware of how other jurisdictions are managing and responding to the asylum seeker crisis for adopting best practices. 
Doienne S. informed members that the feedback gathered at this meeting will be used to draft a final set of recommendations to improve and expand immigrant and asylum seeker access to RWPA services. The recommendations will be discussed and finalized at the next NAC meeting in February.

Agenda Item #3: Announcements  
Doienne S. shared information on two upcoming NYC DOHMH-hosted webinars on asylum seeker and immigrant health.

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.