Integration of Care Committee Meeting November 17, 2021



Danielle Beiling & Donald Powell, IOC Co-Chairs

Wednesday, November 17, 2021, 10a-12p

Zoom Meeting

Attendance: Ronnie Fortunato (acting co-chair), Donald Powell (co-chair), John Schoepp, Janet Goldberg, Claire Simon, Guadalupe Dominguez-Plummer (Recipient), Deborah Greene, Emma Kaywin, Mitchell Caponi, Bill Gross, Billy Fields, Paul Carr, Cassandre Pluviose, Lela Sebashvili, Graham Harriman (Gov’t Co-chair), Rose Chestnut, Joel Zive, Dorothy Farley, Michael Ealy,

Staff/PHS: Roland Torres, David Klotz, Bryan Meisel, Aria Shahi (PHS), Kimbirly Mack, Johanna Acosta, Jose Colon-Berdecia

Agenda Item #1: Welcome/Introductions w. Pronouns/Moment of Silence/Review of Minutes

Conducted. Icebreaker: What is your favorite food to make in the fall? Moment of silence led by Billr Fields. Minutes were accepted.

Agenda Item #2: Public Comment

Trans Week of Remembrance. Mr. Carr noted that agencies have to conduct separate intakes with clients who are enrolled in more than one service. Burdensome on the agencies and the clients – as a new mayor comes into office, it is important to ratchet up pressure to change this.

Agenda Item #3: Review Survey Data Feedback

A survey on the framing directive was sent out to Council and committee members. The results of the survey highlighted general support for the directive with a smaller number of people in support of the directive pending some changes. Survey distributed in middle of the committee road show, where the presentation was shared with the various committees of the Council to gather feedback and input. Comments on the survey were highlighted to emphasize key points. The recipient is responsible for being responsive to the mandates developed in committee – Guadalupe has actively participated in these discussions to ensure that the recipient has the capacity to support the strategies.

Agenda Item #4: Review of Changes to the Framing Directive

Ms. Lawrence walked the committee through the updated framing directive.

The endnotes are clickable (both ways) and clicking on a number will take you to the reference; clicking on the reference will take you to the place in the document.

A footnote was added to inform readers of this access

Per a critique that racism is not addressed, with only stigma referenced throughout the document, processes to identify and dismantle racism and implicit bias were strengthened. To avoid a laundry list of isms in the document, implicit bias is defined to include sexism, homophobia etc.

Language throughout the document was changed to support the change.

Language around the timeline was tightened to ensure that agencies and CTP have enough time to conduct the work.

Language from the Master Directive was inserted into the directive.

Emergency preparedness language was clarified.

Important for an acronym key to be included

Case conferencing was expanded to include coordination of care

The references required fixing due to a broken link.

Training should be accessible – shouldn’t be limited to the recipient.

Changed language to expand concept of mental health – using behavioral health.

Limited number of agencies participating in the planning group for outreach protocols to alleviate coordination strain considering large number of programs.

Will include a new language reference.

The surveys are not mandated on an annual basis due to the provider and client burden – currently clients must undergo an intake and a re-assessment (the format of the reassessment required by HRSA has recently changed).

As part of the quality management strategy, information on barriers and trends are gathered.

Agenda Item #5: Set the Presentation

Ronnie Fortunato and Donald Powell will make the presentations to the Executive Committee and Planning Council.

Vote on Approval of Updated Framing Directive:

John wants to see the final document before voting. Emma Kaywin will develop an executive summary for the directive.

The committee will meet Dec 3 from 10-12.


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