Integration of Care Committee Meeting October 20, 2021



Danielle Beiling & Donald Powell, IOC Co-Chairs

Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 10a-12p

Zoom Meeting

Attendance: Ronnie Fortunato (acting co-chair), Donald Powell (co-chair), Leo Ruiz, John Schoepp, Randall Bruce, Janet Goldberg, Claire Simon, Guadalupe Dominguez-Plummer (recipient), Deborah Greene, Emma Kaywin, Mirnelly Fernandez, Mitchell Caponi, Bill Gross, Billy Fields, Paul Carr, Cassandre Pluviose, Lela Sebashvili

Staff/PHS: Kimbirly Mack, Roland Torres, David Klotz, Cristina Rodriguez-Hart, Jose Colon-Berdecia, Bryan Meisel, Scott Spiegler

Agenda Item #1: Welcome/Introductions w. Pronouns/Moment of Silence/Review of Minutes

Conducted. Icebreaker: What was your favorite fall activity as a child. Moment of silence led by Donald Powell. Minutes were accepted with one correction – Randall Bruce was included in the attendance.

Agenda Item #2: Public Comment


Agenda Item #3: Review of Agenda for Upcoming Year

Ms. Lawrence walked the committee through the work that lays ahead: the Framing Directive, Standards of Care and the Behavioral Health directive. The chairs do not anticipate needing to schedule additional meetings to finish the work, as has happened in years past

Agenda Item #4: Review of the Updated Framing Directive Presentation

Ms. Lawrence walked the committee through the updated presentation on the framing directive. The directive has not substantially changed but has been edited to reflect that ACEs should be understood as the root of trauma informed care (TIC), a suggestion presented by David Martin.

Edits were made during the run through.

+/- indicate facilitator/barrier

Debate about appropriate word to represent people of Latin descent: Latine, Latinx, Latinedad. Important to gather additional information to make a sensitive decision.

Discussion Highlights:

This presentation is longer, more in depth, highlights the use of implementation science and explains more of the goals of the document.

The directive is a hard read – can understand why it is difficult for people to understand – will the presentation be enough to convey the contents of the directive.

The new members found the presentation digestible, appreciated the content and acknowledged that it is a lot of information.

The comparison slide is the money shot and will hopefully convince people on why it is necessary.

Recipient is committed to equity and now supports passage of the Framing Directive

Agenda Item #5: Public Comment



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